Dorothy is one of my unreg does and she really impressed me with her udder. She will be bred to Arlo so hopefully any daughters she has will make someone a really nice milk goat. I just love her and couldn't imagine my herd without her. I got her and Sophia together when I was just getting into goats from a family that just wanted pets for their children. They were pretty wild when I got them. Dorothy still doesn't come to me willingly but her affection can be bought with animal crackers.

She has decent sized teats for a Nigerian Dwarf. I had to milk her a few times when we weaned her buckling. The first picture is before she freshened.

Dorothy had a single buckling in 2021. He was very stout and wide. Considering I don't know anything about where she came from I was impressed with her buckling and her udder. I think combined with Arlo's milking lines her future doelings would make a nice milk goat for someone who doesn't care about papers.