NC Fairytale QR Quiet Rally - super sweet and knows his job


Rally X Salem buckling

Crowden Farms - NC Fairytale QR Quiet Rally 


Crowden Farms - Fidelis Acres JW Fallen Angel 

$400 for reg and $200 as unregistered 

Prices go up based on achievements of the dam and sire. 

Feel free to contact me at 423-271-1100 via text or call to get put on a waiting list. When the kids are born I will notify who ever is on the list for that doe first and they will get the option to buy first. After notification you have 48 hours to get back with me before I go to the next person. $50 deposit is required to hold kid and remaining is due upon pickup. Deposit will not be accepted until the kid is at least a week old. This is just in case anything happens.  Losing kids is an awful thing but it does happen on occasion. 

I will not band bucks before 12 weeks. Wethers are available for $100 and will leave intact or can be picked up at 12 weeks IF we are able to keep them passed the weaning age. This depends on what is going on at the time. We will be doing more shows in 2024. If already purchasing a kid from us already, wethers are available for $50 for companion animals. Not all does being bred this year will have bucklings available as registered BUT can be bought as an unregistered buck if you believe he can add something to your herd. 

The kid must be paid for in full before leaving the farm. They will be available to pick up after weaning. At this time we do not offer air transport but feel free to contact a ground transport and we will try our best to work with you to get your baby home. We will possibly offer air transport as we get more experienced. 

Crowden Farms reserves the right to retain any kids from any breeding at any time.  We are trying to build our registered herd up so we will be keeping a doeling or two depending on quality. We are also willing to barter for new lines  or items we need.  

We are  set up to do AI breeding and will be working towards getting better at settling the does in 2025.